Giel Blankestijn
creative and
visual designer

A designer with a focus on visual identity, art direction
and digital products. Driven
and inspired by simple,
bold — no bullshit aesthetics. Currently based in Utrecht,
The Netherlands.

For the past 10 years I’ve worked on projects that span the fields of brand, digital product and campaign design. I specialize in design with a strong knowledge of user experience and a deep love for integrity, honesty and vision—in other words: design with purpose.




2012 — Bachelor Degree in Graphic design / Arts & Technology

2008 to 2011 — Graphic Designer /

2011 to 2012 — Design Intern / Artin Advertising Enschede

2012 to 2018 — Visual Designer Orange Juice Arnhem

from 2018 — Visual Designer Greenberry Utrecht